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Feminist Business Book: Starting a Revolution by Naomi Ryland and Lisa Jaspers

Updated: Mar 17

Naomi and Lisa are two female entrepreneurs, who want to turn the male dominated start up world on its head. They share the personal stories of their own businesses, their break downs and how they started to question the status quo. Even though they started their businesses with the intention to do everything differently compared to what they saw and disliked in their previous jobs, the harsh reality of a founder's life caught up with them quickly.

In this book they highlight the pitfalls related to funding, the high pressure work culture and often toxic environment of the corporate world and how it led them to interviewing women, who do it differently. Female founders, from all over the world, with different life experiences, who all chose to run their businesses in ways, no one could have ever imagined.

"Is the mindset that enables the extroverted, most confident and best bullshitters to get the funding not the same mindset that creates an economy in which 8 men own the same amount of wealth as 50% of the global population? Is that an economy that I want to be a part of? Can we not do better?" (Naomi Ryland)

If you're looking to start a feminist business, I highly recommend reading this book. This book is a great resource for anyone, who wants to create a company that doesn't perpetuate patriarchal norms.

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