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Mentoring: how to by Emma

Updated: Mar 17

I would've never described myself as a creative person. I could spend hours going over spreadsheets, writing reports or analysing a set of data but when I have to come up with anything creative my brain just freezes.

So when Emma Hoareau, who's Instagram account is a work of art, started a creative mentorship group, I signed up right away.

It's been 4 months now and I haven't been disappointed. Apart from the hands-on content on photography, content creation and building a brand, Emma created an incredibly supportive community. Especially at this time, where I'm at the very beginning of this blog and also learning how to start a business, it's amazing to have a community of women, who are in similar positions.

This mentorship group has definitely helped me to tap into my creative side and I honestly don't know, if I would've had the courage to start this page without 'how to by Emma'.

In addition to creative mentoring, Emma also talks about the business aspect of content creation and provides lots of brilliant tips. If you're looking to start a creative business or want to build a brand, I cannot recommend this group enough.

How does it work?

How to by Emma is a closed group with a small monthly membership fee. There are limited spaces, so I would recommend following Emma's main account on Instagram, because whenever she opens sign up again, she posts it on there. Be quick as spaces usually fill fast.

This is not an ad or in any way affiliated.

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